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Looking for a game system that supports telling rich, complex stories with your gaming group? A system where cinematic framing tools let you set up scenes however you want, even changing characters between scenes? A system with a simple and robust dice mechanic that lets your group handle the narrative while providing tension and drama?

If so, the Eddic Engine is for you!

This SRD covers all aspects of the Eddic Engine, from details to dice mechanics, world-building to who the players will be. With the tools provided here, you can build an entirely new setting or adapt an existing one for your group.

Here’s what you’ll find in this document:

  • A breakdown of details, the narrative descriptions that are the heart of this system
  • How to build or adapt a setting to use the Eddic Engine to power your stories, including how to create leading questions so all of the players have a hand in shaping where your story begins
  • How to not only make characters for the game, but how to design the archetypes that give characters special abilities
  • How to create threats and use them in scenes
  • How to frame campaigns and scenes using the Eddic Engine so you’ll always know where you’re heading

If you’re familiar with a variety of TTRPG systems, you’ll see elements in the Eddic Engine that are familiar to you. This system takes inspiration from a number of different sources, including Fate Core/Accelerated/Condensed, Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, Shadowrun 5th Edition, Fiasco!, Apocalypse World and any number of other influences that the design team blended together into a unique, new configuration.

The other inspiration for the Eddic Engine is the kind of work you see happen when professional improvisers and actors play TTRPGs. In many live streams or podcasts, players with professional experience riff or provide extra context to a character or scene seemingly as easily as they draw a breath. The Eddic Engine’s procedures help facilitate that same kind of ease for anyone who plays.

If that all sounds like it’s up your alley, then download the PDF and make your own worlds and campaigns!

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