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The World

Dwarven Destroyers march across Midgard, laying waste to all before them.

Brave human warriors abandon clan and holdfast to bond themselves to the bones of dead giants, hoping to push back the Destroyers. 

The Runescribed harness the magical power of the sacred Runes, wielding magic that could level cities.

Seers advise and divine the future, but the fate of the world is murky and dim.

Jarls, thralls, and warriors fight in common cause, shouting "victory or Valhalla!" as they charge into battle.

Ragnarok has come. The War of Metal and Bone. Will you dine with the gods in Valhalla, or dance with the dishonored dead?

Choose your fate!

The Game

Powered by Fate Core™, War of Metal and Bone lets you tell stories of brave warriors, Jarls, Bonebonded giants, and their defense of their holdfasts.

In addition to the awesomeness that is Fate Core™, War of Metal and Bone adds some exciting features:

  • Play whomever you want — Bonebonded or seer, thrall or Jarl — War of Metal and Bone is designed to let everyone play side-by-side using the same proven Fate mechanics.
  • Add to the world! Every campaign begins with the creation of your own unique holdfast. Each session, you add to the map you've made. This is your world and you get to see how it changes.
  • Form bonds with your party members, celebrate your warrior clan, and honor your history with your own sacred item.

War with the dwarves and their constructs rages across the face of Midgard. What role will you play?


Get this game and 19 more for $30.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
65% Off
$5.00 $1.75 USD or more

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