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Iron Edda Reforged is an RPG that mixes cyberpunk with mythology. The Norse gods are alive and well, and they are now enslaving humans via capitalism. You are human warriors who fight back; you are the Ragnarok.

As of today, Iron Edda Reforged is in Beta! If you've purchased it, make sure to download the new PDF and check out all the updates!

Can't wait to try this out when it's more developed! What's already here looks great - I love the mix of cyberpunk, mythology, and anti-establishment spirit.

Awesome, thank you! I've only got a couple more sections to write in my draft doc before I'll update to Beta. At that point, it should be text-complete but unedited. Hopefully that'll be done in the next month or so. 

If you want a good idea of how Iron Edda Reforged play, check out In the Bubble, courtesy of the One Shot Podcast Network!