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Iron Edda Accelerated 

A game of brave warriors fighting to keep their homes, lives, and freedom. It is a game of magic and intrigue. 

It is the story of ordinary people who fight alongside the towering skeletons of long-dead giants. 

It is the story of those who embrace an unknown afterlife to bond themselves to those giant bones. 

It is the story of those who cling to tradition and to the power that their roles in society gives them, even though all crumbles around them. 

It is the story of a world irrevocably changed. 

It is the story of Ragnarok, Fimbulwinter, the end of time itself.

If there is to be a future at all, it will be because of you and what you do. Ultimately, this world is your world. Fate is designed for the players to have an impact on the world around them. Iron Edda Accelerated is no different. You and the people around you will shape the future, for your holdfast and the world at large.

Warrior, thrall, seer, Jarl... All have the chance to feat in Valhalla. All could dine with the fallen in Hel. Your fate is yours to decide. 

Iron Edda Accelerated is a Fate Accelerated RPG designed for 2-6 players.


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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Do bonebonded have 5 or 3 summon the bones?

They have three. Five is a typo that made it through editing accidentally =)

I bought this on DTRPG. Whats the best way if you want to do a lot of mecha type combat. Is there a way for everyone to be Bonebonded w/ more diversity. Is that in the original book (Core vs Accelerated)

The diversity in Bonebonded comes from the different characters' aspects and how different the giants are. I also recommend making new stunts because that's a really effective way to differentiate characters thematically and mechanically.

Thank you.

Since I have you here where is the ocean and Viking long ships and raiding and stuff? Can I add that? Is that just the wrong culture? Or maybe if they had access to oceans they'd just leave and not be beset by giants?

There are oceans around Midgard, to the north and west. As well, the Nine Rivers serve much the same purpose, as they cross most of Midgard. 

There are no official rules for ships, though I have had a Bone bonded use Shape the Bones to make their giant into a bone and sinew ship. That ruled.